What we do

We travel around the local areas feeding strays daily and picking them up one by one and having them spay/neutered. We get many calls and messages of sick/injured or dumped dogs/puppies/kittens and we try our best to take these in and care for them. Up until renting our clinic in 2016 volunteers would foster animals in their own homes.

We try to raise awareness for the need of spay/neutering and the basic needs of animals. To raise much needed funds for food/vet bills/rent etc. we have regular fundraising events Markets/Quiz nights. We have local support of businesses/hotels becoming Corporate Sponsors and many loyal personal sponsors that pay an annual membership.

Over the last year due to the overwhelming number of puppies being born we have found it increasingly difficult to find homes for them in St. Lucia. Fortunately, we have found many people in Canada wanting to give our dogs/puppies loving homes. Around 100 have been sent to Canada in the last year.