Onward and upward! Yet another move for SLAPS took place in November. We are now in a safer, larger, and more rural location, without fear of flooding.  Thanks to our treasured volunteers; the move was successful.  We relocated the dogs, pens, and necessities very efficiently.  The new location needs much more work in order to cope with the large influx of animals needing our help. Getting our surgery up and running is an important priority. This will allow us to perform the vital spays and neutering onsite.  This is a costly, yet crucial undertaking. Your donations towards this cause are essential in saving the lives and preventing suffering of innocent animals here on the island. Your donations through this website are greatly appreciated.

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Tiberius Foundation

This foundation has been established by SLAPS and local businessman, Evan Hermiston, in honour of his much-loved dog Tiberius. These funds are to be used entirely for spay/neutering in our clinic. We were delighted to begin operating in May 2017, below is a running total of the animals treated.

As of December 31st 2020 1720 (total of the animals have been spay/neutered).

Anyone wishing to contribute to this fund can do so via the donate button, leaving the word Tiberius in the message section.


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